Planned Giving and Investment Education

Retirement & Investment Seminar 

Are you concerned about your investments as you near retirement? Or perhaps you are already retired and not sure what to do with your investments in light of the current market? Would you like the opportunity to ask questions from an investment professional and believer in Christ you can trust? We invite you to join us for this special seminar being offered as a service to our church family. There is no cost to attend.

Date:  TBD
Time:  TBD
Building/Room: TBD
Speaker:  TBD


Wills & Trusts Seminar

Do you know that approximately 55% of the adult population do not have wills or trusts made out for designating who will receive their property, possessions, and financial assets?  Don’t be one of these statistics. Plan on attending a special seminar led by one of our local attorneys highly regarded for his expertise in wills and trusts. There is no cost to attend. 

Date: Wednesday, November 13, 2019
Time: 6:30 p.m.
Building/Room: TBD
Speaker:  Mr. Joe Pippen, Attorney & Counselor at Law