Bible Study Groups

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Topic-driven groups studying and applying God's Word to everyday life.

Men's Bible Study  - Regularly meeting Bible studies for men.

Women's Bible Study  - Regularly meeting Bible studies for women.

Spiritual Warfare – Biblical Truths for Victory  - This class examines spiritual warfare as depicted in the Bible and what it means for us today.

Marriage Builders  - This weekly group provides encouragement and insight for couples seeking to build their marriage on the principles found in God’s Word.

Fresh Encounter  - This six-week study series by Henry and Richard Blackaby, brings to life the kind of prayer, humility, and heartfelt passion every Christian must have in order to be drawn into His holiness.

Experiencing God  - Learn to hear when God is speaking to you and experience the fullness of real, personal fellowship with God by experiencing Him at work in your life.

The Daniel Plan  - The Daniel Plan is a groundbreaking, healthy lifestyle program founded on biblical principles which focus on the essentials of faith, food, fitness, and friends.