Deacon Bag Day - October 26-27 2019

Deacon Bag Day Weekend is October 26th and 27th. Some of the items that are needed are penaut butter, jelly, rice, coffee, tea, cereal, canned fruit, canned soup, canned vegetables, tuna fish and crackers. Any other non-perishable food items will also be gratefully accepted. Please bring you items on October 26th and 27th, and leave the bag of items behind your car. If there is inclement weather, please bring your bag inside and leave it next to the entrance you use. The Deacons will come by and pick up all of the bags. Thank you so much for helping the Deacons with this ministry.
Our Deacon Ministry seeks to follow the Biblical example established by the early disciples who were spirit-filled men, chosen and set aside to be servant partners with the pastors.  Deacons are ordained and assist the pastors and staff in all areas of ministry including service, support and leadership to the family of God.  One particular focus is an emphasis on ministry to the widows of the church. 

Deacon Ministries

Our Deacons serve many different roles.  Some of the areas of service are:
  • Serving the church in such areas as The Lord's Supper and the monthly Pastor's dinner for our guests.
  • Baptism
  • Benevolence
  • Widow's Ministry Support