Connection Group Directory

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Wednesdays - 6:45 PM
Mid-Week Connection Co-ed (all ages) FC-Ambassador Room
Saturdays - 4:45 PM
Ladies Group Women (all ages) FC-Ambassador Room
Prime Time Alive Co-ed (all ages) FC-Chapel
Sundays - 9:00 AM
IR Young Adults Single (18-25) Smiley's
GAP-Graduates & Professionals Single (26-35) FC-Balcony
Adventures in Christ Single (30s+) FC-219
Welcoming Hearts Women (all ages) EC-252
Young Marrieds Marrieds (20s) EC-Conference Room
Sacred Marriage Marrieds (20s-40s) FC-208 A
Beyond Sunday Marrieds (30s-50s) FC-218
Family Matters Marrieds (30s-50s) FC-Chapel
My Family Marrieds (40s-50s) FC-225
Families & Friends (A) Couples/Families (children welcome) FLC-201
Discipulos de Cristo Spanish Speaking (all ages) EC-262
The Word in Context Co-ed (40s-60s) EC-267
Early Word Co-ed (70+) EC-102/Elem Library
The Road Co-ed (all ages) EC-260
Foundation Co-ed (all ages) FLC-132
Meaningful Life Co-ed (all ages) FC-Ambassador Room
Three Strand Co-ed (all ages) FC-216
Mission Possible Co-ed (all ages) EC-263
Sundays - 10:45 AM
Women of Worship Women (30s-50s) EC-264
Esther Class Women (60+) EC-Conference Room
Women in the Word Women (70+) EC-260
The Quest Marrieds (40s-50s) EC-208 B-D
Passion for Jesus Marrieds (40s-50s) EC-263
Heavenly Hearts Marrieds (60s-70s) FLC-225
Empty Nesters Marrieds (50s-60s) FC-216
Families & Friends (B) Couples/Families (children welcome) FLC-201
Joyful Noise Musically-minded FC-218
Mirror Image Single (50+) EC-102/Elem Library
Pathfinders Co-ed (60+) EC-267
Cornerstone C-ed (60+) FC-Ambassador Room
Friends Forever Co-ed (50+) EC-252
Friendly Encouragers Co-ed (60+) FC-Chapel
Truth Seekers Co-ed (60+) FC-Elementary Music Room
The Journey Co-ed (all ages) FC-219
Growing in Christ Co-ed (all ages) EC-262
Pastor's Class Co-ed (all ages) FLC-132
WWJD Co-ed (all ages) FLC-203