The Mission of Indian Rocks is to Make Disciples. We do that through a process that we call C4.

C1 - Connecting to God

It is fundamentally important to us that everyone in our church family has a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and that they are continually connecting to God through worship and the study of His word. (ex: Bible Studies, Worship Services)

C2 - Connecting to Others

Good Christian friendship and fellowship are tremendously important in the life of a Christian. When we encourage others and allow them to encourage us, we become the kind of Church family that God originally intended. (ex: Connection Groups, Fellowship Events)

C3 - Connecting to Ministry

Christ lived His life as a selfless servant of others and we are called to do the same. Serving others is a fundamental call for all Christians. We cannot be satisfied in our relationship with Christ if we ignore it. (ex: Volunteering, Leading, Serving, Giving)

C4 - Connecting to The World

Christians are all commissioned to be a light in their communities and throughout the world. We believe that is the responsibility of all Christ followers and encourage that missions be a mindset of everyone in our church family. (ex: Living Sent, Praying, Giving to faith-promise, Going on mission trips)