C4 Church

Indian Rocks is all about connections, this is manifested in our C4 Ministry Model. C4 is how we go about ministry. It is composed of four fundamental missions; encouraging people to Connect to God, Connect to Others, Connect to Ministry, and Connect to The World. We believe that these four elements are essential to the Christian life and we strongly urge every member of our church family to be actively engaged in all four aspects of the C4 mission.


C1 - Connecting to God

It is fundamentally important to us that everyone in our church family has a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and that they are continually connecting to God through worship and the study of His word. (ex: Bible Studies, Worship Services)

C2 - Connecting to Others

Good Christian friendship and fellowship are tremendously important in the life of a Christian. When we encourage others and allow them to encourage us, we become the kind of Church family that God originally intended. (ex: Connection Groups, Fellowship Events)

C3 - Connecting to Ministry

Christ lived His life as a selfless servant of others and we are called to do the same. Serving others is a fundamental call for all Christians. We cannot be satisfied in our relationship with Christ if we ignore it. (ex: Volunteering, Leading, Serving, Giving)

C4 - Connecting to The World

Christians are all commissioned to be a light in their communities and throughout the world. We believe that is the responsibility of all Christ followers and encourage that missions be a mindset of everyone in our church family. (ex: Living Sent, Praying, Giving to faith-promise, Going on mission trips)